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Image by Matt Botsford


KICK Ministries began over 18 years ago when Dave and Angie Stanley moved from the suburbs to an urban Kansas City, KS neighborhood to plant a church called Joshua Tent Ministries.  Through this church plant, they helped start the Spanish speaking congregation called Siloe Covenant Church that is now worshipping in Lenexa, KS.  Siloe is led by Jose and Lupita Sanchez, pastors from Juarez, Mexico that Dave and Angie sponsored (in the early days of the ministry) to immigrate to Kansas City.

Doing neighborhood based ministry for six years was a blessing, but ultimately became too demanding and led to Dave and Angie feeling burned out and in need of separation from the immediate needs around them.  They moved back to the suburbs 11 years ago which prompted them to transition the ministry to focus on youth, change the name to KICK Ministries and begin partnering with other youth ministries in Kansas City, KS.

During this time, they partnered with Rosedale Church (a youth church) and the KC Blue Dogs sports ministry.  Through these partnerships, they served hundreds of kids doing various programs, mission trips, and camp.  They also rented a large gymnasium for three years to facilitate the sports ministry.

Currently, we have transitioned our focus on the development of young men in the inner city, alongside of providing support to their families. 

We are currently utilizing mentorship, basketball, and the Bible to provide character and leadership development, while creating intentional change in the young men.   

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